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Rope Burns 1/1

Title: Rope Burns (1/1)
Author: Samsom
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: N/C
Summary: Cordelia has Angel all tied up. Literally.
Disclaimer: Not mine, ME and Whedon have that undeserved pleasure.
Notes: A one-shot ficlet set during s2, unbeta'd. I felt naughty, so I wrote naughty.


"Did you use safety words?" She asked, gentle as a butterfly against his cheek.

"What?" he huffed, turning his face so their noses touched. "No."

"Didn't think so."

Cordelia reached down and wrapped her fingers around his cock, loving the hard steel under the satin of his pale skin. He wasn't circumcised, but being far from repulsed, it just made her mouth water.

"You hurt my feelings, you know," she whispered as she moved her hand up and down, up and down. "You fired me, gave away my clothes." She slipped her fingers down and cupped his balls, squeezing. "How do you think that made me feel?"

She watched next to his face as his eyes grew distant with the same regret he tried to lay on her after saving her from the Skilosh, and then that distance gave way to pain as her fingers tightened, nails scraping the most tender of his tender parts.

His cock got harder.

She smiled.

"You like that," she said. Not a question. Duh. Vampires liked pain. The evidence was back in his suite with the shattered glass and wood surrounding his bed.

She knew what he did.

And with who.

She moved a little and licked his jaw, a swipe of her rough tongue that made him turn for more.

But she was already moving away.

She shifted on top of him, and he tugged on the ropes binding him to the bed, wanting to touch her.

She smiled, and rubbed her cunt along his hip, the hard thrust of his bone unbearable along sensitive sides of her clit.

“Did you shower afterwards?” she asked him. She gripped him harder, fingers searching for that spot between his balls and ass, pressing the tenderness like a button. His hips hunched in reaction and he gasped, tugging on the ropes and her clitoris throbbed from the sound they made as he moved.

He couldn’t move.

And she could do anything.

“Did you wash her off your skin before you came to my rescue like a good Champion?”

The hurt never went away, not even when she knew he regretted what he did.

It fueled her anger and her lust in equal measures until they grew and started feeding off each other. The angrier she got, the hotter she became, and the more she wanted to fuck him. Fuck Darla right out of his head.

She climbed on him as the saliva filled her mouth, slipping him right into her hot cunt as she leaned over and took his mouth, driving her tongue inside the cool heat of him. Fucked his mouth like she fucked his cock.

He whimpered like a child lost in the woods and sucked on her tongue as she rode him.

She pulled back and pushed him back down when he tried to follow, sitting fully on top of his dick and feeling him deep inside.

“I think I can taste her on you,” she told him. “Cloves and dirt, right?” She pinched his nipples, using her nails. She didn’t want to tantalize, she wanted to hurt. So she twisted his hard nubs, squeezing in a way that she knew would sting. “Well, like for like, you know. You can taste me now.”

She pulled herself off of him, leaving his cock bobbing in the air, glistening with her juices, and slipped up until her cunt was over his mouth, looking down at him as she raised her arms and braced them on the headboard.

She saw his shining eyes through the tangle of her hair, down below her, between her thighs where he waited with his lips half open, waited for her.

“You know the safe word, right?” she asked as she lowered her hips and felt his hungry tongue slip across her labia. “Forgiveness.”

She pressed her forehead to the wall and closed her eyes, accepting his contrition.


Tags: mild bondage, nc-17, pwp, s2, samsom
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