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ST Halloween Ficathon 2011 - Pick Your Prompts

Below are the prompts for the 2011 Stranger Things Halloween Ficathon.  (See this post for all the details.)

Post a comment to this thread with your top 3 choices (in order) and I will let you know which one of your choices is available to write. The comments are screened because the fics are supposed to be surprise for the prompt giver.

2011 Prompt and Plot Ideas

  1. An angel costume with big black wings, silly string, a scratch on Angel's plymouth.
  2. Harvest moon, witch's hat, backfiring Pinto
  3. Black cat, Hawaiian pizza, cold case
  4. Spooky mansion, lip ring, Angel's tattoo
  5. NFL game, the gang in costume, bewitched candy corn
  6. The Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier, Angel wearing fake vampire fangs, Cordy dressed as a naughty nurse
  7. Wes in a Batman costume, a haunted hotel room, a team of ghost hunters
  8. A haunted nunnery, a candle that has burned for a hundred years, a full moon.
  9. A coffin, vampire movies, Angel as Count Dracula.
  10. Zombies, an old house on a hill, BtVS-era Cordy and Angel.
  11. Film, pills, rolling tide
  12. Time travel: Angel OR Cordy is sent back in time to one of their Sunnydale Halloweens. do they let events unfold as they did before, or do they change what they can?
  13. Sunnydale: halloween '98. Cordy discovers Angel's back from hell.
  14. Pylea: what if the gang never returned from Pylea? Is there a similar festival/celebration to Halloween on Pylea? How do Angel and Cordy celebrate?
  15. Buffy Era AU Season 2 episode Halloween: Cordelia actually realizes during her time with Angel he isn't just a Carebear with Fangs. She goes off on him, of course.
  16. Cordy has a vision of a trio of trick or treaters being led into a house by a Stepford wife. What does it mean?
  17. An alt-U where people dress in costume every day *but* Halloween.
  18. Post YW: Angel paints a portrait of Cordelia after she dies. He begins to notice small changes in the portrait night after night. Why these changes occur and where they lead is up to you.
  19. An homage to Forty Nights by Dock: Cordy and Angel are somehow spelled to spend the nights leading up to Halloween in bed together as husband and wife. If they miss a night, they will be married for eternity. They are given a cryptic clue(s) as to what they must do at midnight on All Hallows Eve in order to break the spell, but do they really want to when the time arrives?
  20. Crossover with Bones (kinda): On Halloween, Cordy and Angel are somehow "split" so that they are not only themselves but also separately Booth and Bones except Cordy is Bones. Booth and Bones are a couple, and C/A have to watch them bicker and have eye sex (and more if you wish) which effects them in any way you like.
  21. This is a ghost story, with Cordelia as the ghost who comes back to life. She's wearing a white lace dress and promises to love Angel forever. Bonus if he shanshus.
  22. Cordelia in the tub after a violent fight the night after Halloween, soothing her scrapes and bruises. Angel, still in his costume (you figure out what he wore and how the team got him to wear it), is worried about her, so he comes over to check on her. Tricks *and* treats ensue. Bonus if there's candy corn.
  23. The team knows nothing ever happens on Halloween, so they go out to a bar and get drunk, even Angel, who really needs a night off. The happy mood turns dark when an old foe of Angel's shows up, ready to rumble.
  24. Angel and Cordy brave the local retail outlet on Halloween Eve to find Connor a costume.

    Open Prompt and Plot Ideas from Previous Years

  25. Star Trek (or the fandom on your choice) convention, costumes, ghost
  26. Deception, journey, passion, battle
  27. Slasher films, heat lightning, this one time at cheerleading camp
  28. School, Face, Rank
  29. Wes, Gunn, Bromance, C/A Pov
  30. Other holidays, party, costumes (i.e. Santa for Xmas, Uncle Sam for 4th July)
  31. Possessed car, confusion, thrill
  32. Blood, cemetary, dare
  33. BtVS crossover, lamest party ever, tainted candy
  34. The Eagles' Hotel California, a swimming pool, an orange and a poodle
  35. Cordy's horse Keanu, the Hollywood hills, a full moon and zombies
  36. A kids’ camp, bunk beds, charmed/possessed camp items
  37. Stalker, black-tie, red carpet, horror movie premiere, balcony rescue
  38. A pickle, a pipe, a parrot, a pillow and a pirate
  39. A spell is cast, locked-in, a rescue.
  40. Ghost(s), hot tub, vulnerability
  41. A Porsche 911 Targa, a skeleton, the Santa Monica Pier
  42. Klingon love poetry, party, battle
  43. Rooftop, rain, red
  44. Costumes, truth or dare, drunk
  45. Flirting, masks, silk
  46. Blood, curse, confusion
  47. Burnt, mask, games
  48. Scrubs, apples, fantasy
  49. BTVS years, Angel, Cordy, and Oz have to save the day when the others become possessed by a demon.
  50. A wish granting demon places everyone in danger at Angel Investigations.
  51. A case file centered around the famous Battle of Frog Pond:
  52. Death in the arms of an angel, based on this urban legend:
  53. The gang dress up as each other for Halloween and become the person they dressed up as.
  54. Cordy/Angel AU taking their baby, dressed as a vampire, trick-or-treating (bonus points if real vamps show up and they don't know what to do).
  55. 5 things Cordy never knew about Angel's Halloweens.
  56. BTVS Years during Halloween. Angel & Cordelia both get costumes from Ethan Rayne. Angel thinks he is just getting some Roman solider costume (it's really Marc Antony) and Cordelia knows she is going as the most beautiful woman ever, Cleopatra. Of course, once the spell starts, they find themselves transformed into one of the greatest couples in history.
  57. Halloween might be a quiet time for demons but not for Wolfram and Hart as Angel and the gang crash the yearly Halloween party determined to take out as many of the firm's demonic clients as possible.
  58. Angel and Cordy as Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice (can be AU, Halloween costume, a spell...up to you).
  59. Angel and Cordy consume a bottle of Cristal and chocolate-dipped strawberries, while Cordy wears La Perla lingerie. The catch? No romance or sex involved.
  60. Since nothing happens on Halloween, the Fang Gang takes a day off. Cordy stays home to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and accidentally invites in a child-vampire. Angel and Wes, who are out doing their own Halloween things, have to figure out she's in trouble and save her.
  61. Angel tells the gang that a movie could never scare him, so they decide to have a scary movie marathon/contest to prove him wrong. Cordy wins when she chooses something Disney (like "The Tigger Movie" -- All that bouncing and singing is just plain unnatural!).
  62. Once upon a time, Angelus ate one of Dracula’s intended brides, and Angelus agreed that he ‘owed’ him one (mostly to shut him up). Dracula decides Cordy will do nicely.
  63. Cordelia relives the same night over and over in which she fails to save Angel from getting staked during a fight.
  64. The rule is the dead don’t go out on Halloween, but zombies don’t need no stinking rules! BtVS-era, Angel and Cordy, and a mausoleum built for one.
  65. An incubus, determined to feed off Cordy’s life energy for a hundred (or thousand) years, takes on Angel’s form and begins to seduce her. Trapped in the hotel alone on Halloween night, Cordy must fight the incubus, and his hallucinations, on her own.
  66. Dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Cordy and Angel turn into their costumes. Wolf!Angel then stalks Cordy through the woods.
  67. There's a reason Angel's favorite song is Mandy and one day she (Mandy) walks into the office - a blast from the distant past. How Cordy reacts depends on how far along you depict her relationship with Angel - pick your season. (Assume she already knows about his song preference if it's before the S2 reveal.)
  68. Since nothing's going on Halloween night, Fred fires up the computer and finds smutty fanfic about Angel and Cordy online. She reads it out loud to them.
  69. AU, Birthday-verse - TV star Cordy hosts a huge industry Halloween party for a charity; Wes and Gunn show up begging her to help Angel.
  70. Alterna-verse Cordy never moved to LA; her parents lost all their money and Cordy took the bus to NYC to get as far away from Sunnydale as she could. On Halloween night, she's attacked walking back to her apartment after work. Angel saves her.
  71. During "You're Welcome" Cordy tells Angel she is leaving and kisses him goodbye. Angel refuses to let her go. How does he stop her? Can we have a happy ending?
  72. It's Halloween at the Hyperion and Angel's looking forward to a quiet night in. Unfortunately something - you decide what - goes wrong, and Cordelia, Wesley, Fred, Gunn, Lorne AND Lilah turn into 8 year olds. Angel has to baby sit - and the kids want to go trick or treating.
  73. In S3 the gang goes to a masquerade/Halloween party hosted by David Nabbit where Angel gets rather jealous of all the attention Cordelia receives from Nabbit's male guests. One particularly friendly (yet harmless) guest gets a fist in the face, which leads to Cordy confronting Angel and yelling, which leads to him spilling his undying love.
  74. An illusion or magic spell goes wrong and Angel and Cordy become Jeannie and Nelson of "I Dream of Jeannie" because those were their costumes. The gang has to try to save them.
  75. Like the ending of Provider, Angel, Connor and Cordy fall asleep on the bed. In the morning they wake up to find Connor is older (nine to twelve years old) by some means. He calls Cordy "mom" and knows details about the past how many years that opens both Angel and Cordy's eyes to each other.
  76. Angel has a nightmare of one of his past crimes with Cordy interchanged as the victim. It's the witching hour and his dream is somehow coming true. Can he save Cordy from himself?
  77. There is a demon that hunts children on Halloween. Somehow the gang is turned into children and must save themselves and others.
  78. The AI (or Scooby if you want it to be BtVS years) gang challenges each other to imitate/dress up like one of the other members of the gang for Halloween. Angel and Cordy should not imitate each other. Things go wonky and their bodies turn into the person they're imitating. The fake Cordy and Angel get it on and the minds of the real Cordy and Angel watch it unfold before them and think they look pretty hot together.
  79. Inspired by EastEnders - Only moments after Cordelia and Angel declare their love for one another, Angel is killed. Cordelia takes charge of AI and appears to handle it well. On Halloween she thinks she sees Angel and tries tracking him through the hotel. Is it a haunting, is Angel coming back or is she going mad?
  80. Post- S5 Angst - Angel has a dream about Cordelia, knowing the veil between worlds is thinnest at that time of year he contacts a medium to speak to her again.
  81. A cursed jack ‘o lantern gets delivered to AI, and whispers to the AI members their worst fears/insecurities, causing them to turn on each other on Halloween night. Can they survive until dawn, or will their love for each other save them in the end?
  82. The hero from Cordy's favorite gothic novel comes to life and mesmerizes her. Angel and the gang must figure out why Cordy's behaving oddly and save her.
  83. Tiny demons disguised as trick or treaters attack the city. The fang gang has to figure out how to kill them without taking out innocent children.
  84. Angel's going to a Halloween party as a vamp, and his face gets 'stuck that way'.
  85. AI is invited to a Caritas costume party; Angel refuses to go but changes his mind when he finds out the Host is pairing couples by costume theme. He then schemes to be Cordy's match.
  86. It's an uneventful Halloween and the fang gang has to deal with the boredom and stress of waiting for a shoe that never drops.
  87. Someone sees the tape of Cordy's 'Stain Be Gone' audition ("Parting Gifts") and wants Cordy and her screaming talents to star and die in his Haunted House Halloween Special. Angel doesn't trust the guy and wants to investigate, but Cordy is pissed at his overprotective act and is afraid he's going to ruin her chance. She stomps out of the hotel and refuses to take Angel's calls. The job seems fine until things start getting weird and creepy, and when someone dies on set and the crew isn't interested in shutting down production, Cordelia is realizes that maybe Angel was right and she's bitten off a little more than she can chew. Can Angel convince his friends that he's not just jealous or just too damned over-protective before it's too late?
  88. During BTVS years or as a crossover, everyone goes to a Halloween carnival where all their best dreams and worst nightmares come to life risking the sanity and lives of everyone.
  89. Based on the Supernatural episode 'Hollywood Babylon' - Angel Investigations goes undercover on the set of a new horror movie that has been haunted (quite literally) by a few freak accidents and deaths. AI is hired to check it out, posing as production assistants, extras, etc.
  90. An old vampire foe of Angel’s comes to LA on Halloween night, wanting to seduce Cordelia away from Angel, because he’s missing a Bride. Angel, being the secure guy he is, completely loses control. The vampire foe? Dracula.
  91. Normal Halloween "trick or treaters" interact with the AI gang and are freaked out when the AI gang either talk about "real" demons and/or attack them thinking they're real demons. The AI gang explains it away as a Halloween thing.
  92. Someone's been sneaking Cordy's blood into Angel's pig blood leading to some scary obsessive behavior. Will Cordy be his salvation or his doom?
  93. Costume shopping. Angel doesn't approve of Cordelia's revealing choices. Sex in a dressing room ensues.
  94. The fang gang attends a David Nabbit Halloween party and wacky hijinks follow.
  95. This was inspired by X-Files and the movie The Purple Rose of Cairo. Rebecca Lowell (Eternity) has given up on acting and has written a screenplay about a vampire detective and his seer. It's late S3, and Cordy and Angel are invited to the premiere which also falls on Halloween. Something wonky happens and Angel and Cordy switch places with the actors in the movie and have to act it out fully aware of who they really are and unable to change the plot. The "characters" are in Angel/Cordy's bodies and don't want to go back on screen. How the movie characters were written and the plot of the movie is up to you (is it a romantic comedy, a noir flick, does the hero or heroine die?).
  96. Angel has a cassock fetish but only lets his vestment loving freak flag fly on Halloween. He was able to sneak away the first year for Halloween with the excuse that it was his one night off. This year, he doesn't get so lucky. The FG, and Cordy come face to face with the fact that Angel is still one sick twisted puppy.
  97. Post NFA, Angel shanshues and a number of years have passed during which he had (or still has) a relationship with Buffy. His life as a human has been a sheltered academic one (more watcher than fighter). On Halloween he is haunted by an angry spirit that he tries to exorcize but discovers it is the spirit of a very angry Cordelia who is pissed that he has somehow blown his chance at redemption. Turns out his shanshu never meant retirement. It was never a reward. Cordy should be scary and creepy and play dirty to get through to him. No Buffy bashing, though the relationship can certainly be troubled or over.
  98. Something happens that makes Angel and Cordy switch places allowing Angel to discover what Cordy's visions are like and Cordy to experience being a vampire.
  99. The gang heads to a halloween party where Cordy has made Angel dress as Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness. Something happens that makes Angel start acting like Jack.
  100. During BtVS years or Angel years, Cordelia gets trapped in a mirror and Angel is the only one who can see her.

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