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Cordy & Angel At Last

A Fic Challenge & Archive Community

CA At Last - A Cordy and Angel Fic Challenge
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Welcome to ca_atlast. We hope you will take advantage of this challenge and write many, many wonderful Cordy and Angel fics. But if you're not a writer or not that great with the prompt thing, we want you, too! If you like C/A as a couple or just friends, you are welcome here.

As in any community, there are rules not only for the challenges but for posting them. Please refer here as much as you need to in order to help keep things running smoothly.

Also, please do not post anything other than fics or requests for prompts. There are other communities for advertising your community or pimping other types of posts.
General Information
Since this is a "challenge" community, it would be great if you would request prompts and write fics based on them. However, this is also a C/A fic archive. Therefore, we welcome any NEW C/A fics that you want to get out to the C/A audience and would like housed with other C/A fics. Please do not post fics previously seen in other communities or forums. Our audience is pretty small so it's very likely we've already read it. If you posted your fic on your journal recently and would like more people than your flist to read it, we would love for you to post it here for archiving.

Here at ca_atlast you have the choice of TWO types of challenges: a timed one and one that isn't. Both challenges use prompts. The rules for both types and the prompts are explained below.

Regular, Non-Timed Challenges

  1. The first step is to request a prompt. Please do this by simply posting a request to the community and tag your request with the words "prompt request." The prompt you receive will consist of four (4) randomly generated numbers and a fifth "bonus" number. You will also receive a challenge number which you will use later to tag your fic.

  2. Once you receive your prompt numbers, go to the prompt tables (Tables 1-4 and Tables 5-8).

  3. Decide which tables you will use (4 different ones) and using the four numbers you were given, pick four prompts from four different tables. The "bonus" fifth number is the number of one of the tables and you must use that table for one of your prompts. For example, if I give you the four numbers of 12, 8, 48, and 22 and your bonus number is 7, you must use Table 7 for one of your prompts. You can use any of the four numbers (12, 8, 48, or 22) to select a prompt from that table. The other three prompt numbers can be taken from any other three tables.

  4. You do not have to use all four prompts in your fic. If you do use all four, you will receive a nifty banner. Using 3 prompts earns you a banner, just slightly less nifty. Using only one or two prompts gets you a "Gee, Ma, I tried but just couldn't do it" banner which you may display or, ya know, burn if you like.

  5. If your fic is a work-in-progress (WIP), you will not receive your banner until the fic is completed.

  6. Needless to say (I think), all fics must be Cordy and Angel centric. They do not have to be romantic. We welcome friendship fics including general Fang Gang ones as long as Cordy and Angel are center stage. In other words, you can pair Wesley with Fred or Lilah or whomever, but it cannot be mainly a Wes/Other fic with Cordy and Angel merely background players. Also, while C/Other and A/Other are acceptable as a means to getting Cordy and Angel together, the fic should not be mostly about C/O or A/O and it should not end with Cordy or Angel with other people unless it is clear this is not what either really wants (i.e., the angst factor is through the roof).

  7. There are no word limits. Fics may be drabbles or tomes.

Timed Challenges

In general, timed challenges are the same as non-timed ones except for a few minor differences explained below.

  1. You will have two weeks from the time you receive your prompts to complete your fic.

  2. When you request your prompts, please tag your entry with "prompt request: timed" so that I can quickly locate timed ones and keep track of them.

  3. Since it is very likely that a timed fic will be shorter than a non-timed one, you will only receive three (3) prompts. You are not restricted to using a particular prompt table as in the non-timed challenge, but you still must use three different tables.

  4. When you complete your fic, please add the appropriate button (see below) to your post above the masthead so everyone can praise you on your success or boo you on your failure, and so I can easily determine if you get a prize!
  5. Also, when you post your fic, use the tags described below as well as your challenge number given to you when you received your prompt numbers.
  6. Yes, you heard me correctly. There be prizes!
    • Early or on time fics: You may pic from one of the Virtual Gifts on this page (only the $.99 ones I'm afraid) and I will send it to your personal journal for your friends to ohhhh and ahhhhh over.
    • You will also receive a banner.

Timed Challenge Buttons to be Posted With Your Fic

  • On time or early button:

  • Within one week from deadline:

  • Longer than three weeks past deadline:

  1. Your fic must be posted to the community for archiving. Do not link back to your journal! You can, of course, post it in your journal as well, but we want to archive fics and can't do that from your journal.

  2. Use the Subject header. ALL fics should include a subject line which will include the fic title, chapter number, and rating. The chapter number can be written as "1/1" or "1/?" or "Ch. 1." The ratings to be used in this community are:
    • G - General Audiences (appropriate for all ages)

    • PG - Parental Guidance (some material may not be suitable for children - some course (not obscene) language and/or tense or scary situations)

    • PG-13 - Parental Guidance Strongly Suggested (some material may not be suitable for children under 13 - some obscene language, violence and/or sexual innuendo or compromising situations)

    • R - Restricted (children under 17 require parent/guardian's permission - obscene language, explicit sexual situations and/or explicit violence )

    • NC-17 - No one under 17 should be reading this smut! (fully descriptive sexual scenes whether consensual or non-consensual)

  3. Below the subject header and above the lj-cut should be a fic masthead which should include the following:
    • Title

    • Author (lj username)

    • Rating (i.e., G, PG, etc.)

    • Genre (humor, angst, etc.)

    • Prompts Used (the words - not the numbers). If this is a non-challenge fic, just say "N/C."

    • Summary (please make it descriptive of the plot and not just a cool sentence from your fic)

    • Notes (anything else you want to say or explain)

  4. Please do not beg for feedback. We all want feedback, and we all know you want it. Have some dignity.

  5. The fic should be placed after an lj-cut. This is how you do a cut: <*lj-cut text="some words here if you like"*> and you end your fic with <*/lj-cut*> (be sure to leave out the asterisks).

  6. You should tag your fic entries. Tagging is discussed below.
  1. Every fic entry (and that means every chapter of your fic) should be tagged so that it will be archived properly and easily found by searching the tags. Tag each entry with the following:
    • Fic title including chapter number (Ch. 1 or 1/?)

    • Author (lj username)

    • Rating (G, PG, etc.)

    • Challenge # or N/C for non-challenge fics

    • Genre (see below for options to use)

    • General Plot tag if appropriate (see below for options to use)

  2. The "Genre" tags we will use in this community are:
    • Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance, Dark, Fluff, Smut

  3. The "Plot" tags we will use in this community are:
    • AU (i.e., alternate universe), Casefile, Friendship, Holiday, Parody, Time Travel, Momfic (i.e., Cordy is pregnant or mother), Dadfic (i.e., Angel is father), Xover (name the other fandom, e.g., BtVS, X-Files, Highlander), Missing Scene, PWP (Plot? What Plot?, i.e., just about teh sex), Fix-it (a fic that fixes something that went horribly wrong on the show like Cordy dying), BtVS (for any fic placed completely in the BtVS verse, i.e., not time travel or crossover), S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5 (the "seasons" apply to Ats only).

I know that seems like a lot of tags, but when you're in the mood to read a funny, adult, time travel fic that has Cordy pregnant, you'll be grateful.